Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits are included in the car rental partnership with Avis & Budget?

*Base rate includes time and mileage charges only. Taxes, fees and optional charges excluded.

Which MileagePlus Cardmembers are eligible to earn 750 miles per rental?

Primary Cardmembers of all United MileagePlus credit cards issued by Chase are eligible to earn 750 miles per rental.

Can I earn MileagePlus miles and Avis Preferred points for the same rental?

Members may not receive both points and miles for the same rental. If you make a reservation on or and include your MileagePlus number, you will receive MileagePlus miles on your rental.

When will miles post to my MileagePlus account?

Please allow 6-8 weeks after you complete your rental for the miles to credit to your account. If you earned more than 500 miles on your rental, the miles will appear as two separate entries on your account. One entry for 500 miles will credit, and a second entry for any additional miles that are earned based on MileagePlus status or card membership will post within 5-10 business days.

Do I have to use the United discount code to earn MileagePlus miles?

No. To earn miles, just add your MileagePlus number to your Avis or Budget reservation made on

Who is eligible to redeem miles for car rentals?

Eligibility is at the discretion of MileagePlus and may change at any time without notice. Each member must have sufficient MileagePlus miles in his or her account to complete the miles portion of his or her transaction.

How do I redeem miles for car awards?

Go to, the car tab on the homepage, and select book with miles or go directly to

Can I redeem miles to book any car rental?

You may redeem MileagePlus miles to book any available car offered on the site. Availability of car rentals is subject to change. Car rentals may not be available in certain locations or at certain times.

What is Miles & Money?

Miles & Money is a payment option available to select members when using miles for a car rental. If you do not have enough MileagePlus miles in your account, you may qualify to pay using a combination of miles and money. The money portion must be paid with a major credit card.

How will I know the amount of the Miles & Money offer?

When cars are displayed on the Search Results page, you will see the full mileage price of the reservation. If you do not have enough miles for the full mileage price, or only want to use a portion of your miles, you can select the edit button at the top of the page to edit the amount of miles to redeem. A minimum number of miles may be required to complete a transaction. This amount is at the discretion of MileagePlus.

Who is eligible for Miles & Money?

Miles & Money is available to select MileagePlus members. If this payment is available to you it will display on the top of the Search Results page.

How quickly will my miles be deducted from my account if I redeem them for a car rental?

Miles are deducted immediately from your MileagePlus account once you click “Confirm Booking” on the Details page. Please allow up to 24 hours for the transaction to show in your mileage summary.

Can I add additional drivers, car seats, GPS, and other optional items to my car rental reservation?

You can add these items to your reservation when booking with us, however payment for these items is paid for directly to Avis or Budget when you pick up the car. Optional items/extras are not eligible for mileage redemption but may be purchased at the Avis or Budget locations.

Who can I contact with general questions about using my miles for a car rental?

You can contact customer service via chat or phone at our help page here:

Are there blackout dates to use miles for a car rental?

There are no blackout dates.

How far in advance may I book a car rental?

Car rentals may be booked at any time as long as car inventory is available on the website.

Can I cancel my car rental reservation?

Car rental reservations may be cancelled subject to the policies of Avis and Budget by completing the cancellation online at or, or by contacting customer service via chat or the phone numbers provided on our websites.

Can I change my car rental reservation?

Changes cannot be made online. Some changes may be made by contacting Customer Service via chat or the phone number provided on the car booking sites. Changes are not allowed if any portion of the booking was paid for using miles. The booking must be cancelled and rebooked. All changes are subject to availability and the policies of the car rental company. In some instances, changes will not be available or permitted. Changes may also be subject to additional fees and/or additional charges for each rental day as advised in the policy information of the car rental company. Payment for such additional fees and/or additional charges must be made in currency, not miles, via a major credit card, as required by the car rental company.

What happens if I do not show up for my car rental reservation and don’t cancel in advance?

Failure to show for your reservation will result in cancellation of your reservation. If the booking was paid for using miles, or miles & money, they may not be fully refunded.

How will the money charge for miles & money appear on my credit card statement?

It will appear on your credit card statement as “ET United Car Rental”.

Can I use my miles to book a car rental for someone else (another driver)?

Yes, on the Details page, simply enter the name of the driver who will be picking up the car in the Booking details section.

Can I use MileagePlus miles to book car rentals offered on other travel or airline sites?

MileagePlus miles may only be used to book car rentals on

Can I call the MileagePlus Service Center or other phone center to redeem my miles for car rental?

No. Miles can only be redeemed online via

Can I use multiple accounts to make a booking?

No, each booking must be made from a single MileagePlus account.

Updated at: Mon, 29 Jan 2024 16:16:26 GMT